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نرحب بانضمامك لمجتمع "طيف عابر" ضع بريدك وسيصلك كل ماهو مفيد لك ولأسرتك إن شاء الله:
ستصلك على الفور رسالة ترحيبية بها رابط الرجاء التكرم بالضغط عليه لتفعيل اشتراكك
Love looks like any painted We may create .. as We need a suitable color and pencil to begin our painting .. We need the appropriate quantities to begin love

The relation between love and painting is that We imagine our story before We begin  .. So if We don't balance between our imagination and what actually we can do .. We maybe find out  that We made a wrong decision ranges between mind and heart to create that  story ..  Then We must give our soul the peace to fly because love is related mainly with soul more than any other things.

Trust me and try to  begin use your soul to love instead of only using your  mind or heart or even both of them

as long as that is line with our religion teachings  ..

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  • كتير حلووو
    بس مالو العربي :(
    يا رب اكون فهمتو صح
    وليش افهمو اصلا ههه الله يخلي لكل واحد احبابه :)
    يريت ترجمة يا استاز عشان نفهم
    ارحمو عزيز قوم ما بعرف الا عربي

  • مش فاهمه حاجه وسايبه الأحياء علشان أقرأ وياريت ترجمه

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