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I think we can differ between the laws that have put to organize the relationship between people and their states and that have put by people to organize our relationship between us and Allah(our God).
the first one(laws) we should obey them as it
puts to systematize our rotten deals with people and state ,that we should develop it constantly to convert our life (that would be gone someday) .

but the second one , Allah (only Allah) who put these rules and basics to organize our relationship with Him as Allah is the creator and only One knows what useful for us , So he sent the prophets and messengers To call all people to only thing , guiding us (how we can worship Him with the method that He choice for Us not that We think to worship) So you must break all rules that don't match with our Allah guidance to be .

Finally, I want to mention something about us(Muslims) that we (only us) worship Allah without middleman( who don't have anything for him to give in spirit off to give us) and we are (only one) who worship Allah as He want.

In Islam You can realize who you are and What is your goal that you should aim to and How to achieve it ,
In Islam(only IN Islam) you can Realize (the truth and misguidance) as Islam (only Islam) that matches Completely with ourselves .

I apologize If I bother anyone or if I hurt anyone in his beliefs  but I hunted that chance to say something I believe in it as I 
totally want to help you.  

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