Imagine that your life is a film and you are the director of that film ,
 So tell me:    What would you like to Replay, playback, PauseFast-Forwardprevious , cut and finally  what would you like to stop ?!
If I'm the director of my film  ,I would like to :

Pause:happy times that I spent with my friends before they went away.

Replay:successful times I lived in my last company before I resigned.
Playback:My  dad's tips before he  left us  .
Fast-Forward:Sad times that I lived after the death of my dad.
previous:My childhood life.

Cut: the second term of my final year in my faculty as it affected badly in my overall degree marks.

Stop: Thinking  what I have mentioned above.

             What about you :what if are you the director of your life film? 
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